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Terrariesæt Turtle 30 18,75 Ltr. 30x25x25 - 42119736


Turtle Terraset is intended for semi-aquatic animals as turtles, crabs and amphibians.

Turtle Terraset includes:

  • terrarium with sliding doors and properly selected ventilation system,
  • cover lighting with reflector equipped with fluorescent tube, outlets allowing air circulation and adequate release of cables,
  • internal filter that can be hidden inside the structural rock,
  • structural rock which can serve both as a hideout and place for sunbathing.
  • structural bowl for food,
  • thermometer,
  • Tropical samples.
  • Quality information

    Diversa as a company with more than 30 years of experience guarantees hight quality and safety of products.

  • Specification
    Length : 30 cm
    Width : 25 cm
    Height : 25 cm
    Thickness : 3 mm
    Lighting : 11 W
    Temperature : 6500 K